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This is a free people search info site that lists North Dakota public record, government agencies, law enforcement offices, vital statistics order forms to get a North Dakota birth certificate online or documentation of a divorce, marriage or death. Includes county jail inmate search and department of corrections offender lookup for state prisons and detention centers.

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Looking for public record or inmate search? Find people using Court Records and get addresses, phone numbers; plus it's a free background check. Find criminal history and arrest warrant by using County Jail Inmate Search for prisoners in county jails and Department of Correction Offender Search for state prisons. Find years of offender lists including offense and booking reports.
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If you are trying to find information of people in jail or prison, here are more resources: County Court covers states Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia and Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Inmate search and Free people search.

Court Case includes cases in state and courts in Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, County Jail and People search.

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Aliases, like lies, usually contain a bit of truth. If you think someone might be using a false identity, try something simple like their mother's maiden name or father's last name if it is different from them.
Another trick people use is to pretend being a  different member of the family, like a brother, cousin or uncle of similar age.

Sometimes people travel to commit crimes or get married, check surrounding counties or states that have nearby borders, this is common, especially if the spouse is from somewhere else. If local officials don't allow searching from the internet, you will mail in a request or let a service like Intelius do a background check.

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North Dakota free people search using public records is easy and simple. All the sites on this page allow you to search by name, date or in courts, by case number. You can also use the local site for county, city and other areas to find specific details about business and other agencies that may be able to help in your free people search. Vital Statistics forms are available for download or printing directly from here, prices vary, but generally only cost more online due to shipping and advanced delivery methods. Please compare prices to see for yourself. Not all agencies have a free search and must be contacted by phone, email or postal mail. The best chance of finding a free North Dakota birth certificate for people will be to search the local sites first, the state will charge a fee. If you find records that are not available to the public from the internet, paid data companies can get background check information for you as a part of a business service.

State Homepage
North Dakota Online

North Dakota Vital Statistics
All records are available from the state except Divorce decrees. For those, you must contact the county clerk or recorder that filed the order. Click to see the list >>> North Dakota County sites.

North Dakota Birth
North Dakota Birth Certificate Request Form
Order North Dakota Birth Certificate Online
North Dakota Divorce
See Above
Find A North Dakota Divorce with Intelius
Order North Dakota Divorce Certificate Online
North Dakota Death
North Dakota Death Certificate by mail
Find North Dakota Deaths In Public Records
Order North Dakota Death Certificate Online
North Dakota Marriage
North Dakota Marriage License by mail
Find A North Dakota Marriage License
Order North Dakota Marriage Certificate Online

North Dakota Courts and Criminal
There may be some links to courts or records not listed here, so please check the Court Records page as well. Not all these court sites allow searches of public records. Also, inmate, prisoner and arrest records can be found using the links in the left menu.
Clerk of court
Municipal Courts
Supreme Court
Business Record Search
Search for businesses registered in North Dakota
Drivers License Record Request System
District Courts
Adams County District Court
Barnes County District Court
Benson County District Court
Billings County District Court
Bottineau County District Court
Bowman County District Court
Burke County District Court
Burleigh County District Court
Cass County District Court
Cavalier County District Court
Dickey County District Court
Divide County District Court
Dunn County District Court
Eddy County District Court
Emmons County District Court
Foster County District Court
Golden Valley County District Court
Grand Forks County District Court
Grant County District Court
Griggs County District Court
Hettinger County District Court
Kidder County District Court
LaMoure County District Court
Logan County District Court
Ransom County District Court
Renville County District Court
Richland County District Court
Rolette County District Court
Sargent County District Court
Sheridan County District Court
Sioux County District Court
Slope County District Court
Stark County District Court
Steele County District Court
Stutsman County District Court
Towner County District Court
Traill County District Court
Walsh County District Court
Ward County District Court
Wells County District Court
McHenry County District Court
McIntosh County District Court
McKenzie County District Court
McLean County District Court
Mercer County District Court
Morton County District Court
Mountrail County District Court
Nelson County District Court
Oliver County District Court
Pembina County District Court
Pierce County District Court

North Dakota free county jail inmate search, department of corrections offender lookup, arrest warrant and sex offenders
Department of corrections
Barnes County detention facility
Burleigh County detention center
Cass County jail
Grand Forks
Morton County correctional center
Towner County warrants
Ward County jail
These counties didn't appear online in our searches: McKenzie, Mclean, Renville, Richland

North Dakota free people search using public record to find people free
A free people search for North Dakota
A free people search using North Dakota public records
North Dakota People Search
Find People Free In North Dakota
North Dakota Free Address Search
North Dakota People Search
North Dakota Public Record
North Dakota People Search
North Dakota People Search
North Dakota Public Record
North Dakota Public Record

North Dakota County Sites
These are the county sites we have found on the internet. If your county isn't here and you're sure they have a website, please contact us with the most recent web address you have. County sites can be helpful because they are the hub for most legal activities involving people. A courthouse site will list court, sheriff, jail, inmate search, arrest warrant, most wanted, sex offender registry, clerk of courts, rulings from judges, land records and deeds, deaths and marriages and in some instances birth records, plus most have either cemetery archives or listings for the churches in the area that do. On the whole, the best place to start is here.
Barnes County
Burleigh County
Cass County
Grand Forks County
Mckenzie County
Mclean County
Morton County
Renville County
Richland County
Towner County
Ward County

North Dakota City Sites
City and other local sites can help in your search for someone if you need to find nearby business directories or to use any chamber of commerce or better business bureau member database that might be available to the public. Contacting people at these may increase your chances to find people free if you make an effort to contact people at the cities web sites. Other things you can find are accident, criminal activity and police reports., search felons and other high risk felony offenders that are at large. These sites can be helpful for local information, city detention centers, civic projects and local business. Another useful purpose is to find people free by using locals who may know more than the internet.
Bismarck, North Dakota
Bottineau, North Dakota
Devils Lake, North Dakota
Dickinson, North Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Jamestown, North Dakota
Killdeer, North Dakota
Mandan, North Dakota
Minot, North Dakota
Mohall, North Dakota
Mott, North Dakota
Rugby, North Dakota
Stanley, North Dakota
Turtle Lake, North Dakota
Williston, North Dakota

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