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This is a free people search info site that gives you directories of public records, government agencies, law enforcement offices, vital statistics order forms to get a birth certificate online or documentation of a divorce, marriage or death. We have a collection of county jail inmate search and department of corrections offender lookup for state prisons and sheriff's detention centers in the United States.

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We've put together another quality search site to help you find people free. If you look to the left, you'll see the different categories and individual sections devoted to various types of lookups. Each page offers tips and hints at how to be more effective looking for someone. If you use the sitemap, you can look at all the pages listed here at APEOPLESEARCH.US and perhaps find it easier to navigate than all the text.

Most of the research done was by hand, taking a list of counties for each state and searching for the many departments and fields you'll find here. If we don't have a link to it, it may not be available on the internet, it happens, but just in case we missed it, there are also many individual web pages and alternate sites to visit.

One thing we always do, is encourage you to keep trying if you really want a people search that's free. Almost every person in the USA has had some personal data stored online or posted on somebody's website, the trick is to find that needle in the web haystack, and it can be done. Don't get your hopes up too high, doing it yourself can take allot of hard work an perseverance, that's why premium background services do well, they have already bought and paid for records from hospitals, utility companies, phonebooks, census and land surveys... if they have it and are reliable and trustworthy, they prove they have your person by showing you date of birth, previous employers, address lookup or roommates, spouses and relatives, age or something else identifying them.

Don't get conned by anyone or pay until you know you have to, use our site(s) as best you can, most have the ability to contact us or send a form to ask question and get advice for your particular situation. Good luck and thanks for using us.

Looking for public record or inmate search? Find people using Court Records and get addresses, phone numbers; plus it's a free background check. Find criminal history and arrest warrant by using County Jail Inmate Search for people in jail and Department of Correction Offender Search for state prisons. Some display years of offender lists including offense and booking reports.
The easiest searches are done using information companies, we have collections of searchboxes related to Address Search and simple online phonebook for a phone number lookup is to find people using a Free People Search. Reverse Address Search and Reverse Phone Number Search will give you the name of the person who owns the number or lives at that address.

We have a large network of sites that are tailored to specific subjects and search engine requests from users like you. Free People Search Info is our current directory related to your search and are state specific. Find Email Addresses or Find Old Friends or Lost Loves. View photos, read personal profiles, find emails and more!

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